September 27, 2012


The daily typographic quote by Dimitris Kanellopoulos

There is a reason why we dread Mondays. And it is not just because of the bad coffee in the pantry.

Under the capitalist condition, workers lose autonomy, and inevitably lose control of their lives. Under pre-capitalist conditions, a shoemaker would determine his own working conditions, have creative control over his own craft, close shop when his child has her first recital. The relationships one maintain at the workplace is more personal and meaningful.

Today, workers are replaceable cogs involved in a chain of impersonal relationships. Under supervision of “the management” - in turn managed by the powers that be - workers essentially have no control over the process of production. As a consequence they become estranged from human nature. 

An absolute monarchy puts a limits to autonomy by controlling people through webs of politics and wealth. Capitalism limits autonomy by controlling our economic life, at the workplace and beyond. It is so bleak, we really do need some fancy posters to help us relieve our stress.

Filed under: Marx’s theory of alienation

Extended Resource:
Alienation, Foundations of Modern Social Theory - Open Yale Courses

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    The daily typographic quote by Dimitris Kanellopoulos
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